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Book Title Publication Date

Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) (PDF)


Cave of the Winds (PDF)


The Power for Flight: NASA’s Contributions to Aircraft Propulsion (PDF)


Flying Beyond the Stall (PDF)


Weight & Balance Handbook (FAA-H-8083-1B) (PDF)


Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook (PDF, 64.3 MB)
Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook Addendum (PDF)


Remote Pilot — Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide (FAA-G-8082-22) (PDF)

Aug 2016

Tips on Mountain Flying (PDF)


Student Pilot Guide (Change 1) (PDF)


System Safety Process Steps (PDF)


Risk Management Handbook (Change 1) (PDF)

Changed Pages for Replacement(PDF)


Risk Management Brochures

Feb 2013

Powered Parachute Flying Handbook (PDF)


Plane Sense – General Aviation Information (PDF)


Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, FAA-H-8083-25B (full version — low resolution) (PDF)


Pilot Safety Brochures


Parachute Rigger Handbook (Change 1) (PDF)

Changed Pages for Replacement(PDF)


MC-4 Ram Air Free-fall Personnel Parachute System Technical Manual (PDF)

July 2003

Instrument Procedures Handbook

Sep 2017

Instrument Flying Handbook Addendum (PDF)

Apr 2015

Instrument Flying Handbook Errata Sheet (PDF)

Dec 2012

Instrument Flying Handbook (PDF)


Helicopter Instructor's Handbook (PDF)


Helicopter Flying Handbook Addendum (Change 1) (PDF)

Jan 2016

Helicopter Flying Handbook Errata Sheet (PDF)

Sep 2012

Helicopter Flying Handbook (PDF)


Flight Navigator Handbook (PDF)


Banner Towing Operations (PDF)


Balloon Safety Tips: Powerlines & Thunderstorms (PDF)


Balloon Safety Tips: False Lift, Shear, and Rotors (PDF)


Aviation Instructor's Handbook Errata Sheet

July 2017

Aviation Instructor's Handbook (

Sample Lesson Plans (PDF)


Airship Aerodynamics Technical Manual

Nov 1941

Airship Pilot Manual

Sept. 1942

Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3B)


Air Quality Handbook

January 2015

Aeronautical Information Manual

October 2017

Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide

March 2018

Aerodynamics for Navy Aviators

Jan 1965

Advanced Avionics Handbook Errata Sheet


Advanced Avionics Handbook


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