Nowadays online magazines are even more popular and often better news sources. Good online Aviation magazines provide more timely industry information than printed magazines and enable the readers to follow the latest industry events easily.Here in this article we collect top 5 free valuable aviation magazine you should be interested in if you are aviation geek


1-     FAST magazine -Airbus Customer Services

This free Airbus technical magazine stands for Flight, Airworthiness, Support and Technology.

The articles are written by Airbus engineers, maintenance staff, pilots, instructors, upgrade services, etc. Its objective is to spread over the aviation community, airworthiness authorities, schools and universities, Airbus’ philosophy on technical, research & technology, maintenance and environmental matters, to name a few.

The subjects vary from one edition to another for Airbus’ entire fleet.

You can freely download magazine online or download Airbus application from below links:


2-     Safety First- The Airbus Safety Magazine

The Airbus magazine contributing to the enhancement of the safety of aircraft operations by increasing knowledge and communication on safety related topics.

You can freely download magazine online or download Airbus application from below links:



3-     Innovation Quarterly Magazine - Boeing

Innovation Quarterly is a publication by and for the community of technical professionals at Boeing worldwide. Expected release of each edition is February, May, August and November. Comments and letters are invited by email and may be published in subsequent editions. Submissions are subject to editing; no more than 90 words will be published. To submit a letter to the editor, email

4-     Spaceport Magazine - NASA

Spaceport Magazine is a monthly NASA publication that serves Kennedy Space Center employees and the American public. The magazine’s wide topic variety mirrors Kennedy's diverse spaceport operations. From launch processing to center development and employee stories, Spaceport Magazine covers it all.





5-     FAA Safety Briefing

The FAA Safety Policy Voice of Non-commercial General Aviation, FAA Safety Briefing focuses on emergencies in aviation and how we react to them. Feature articles focus on the kind of events that can cause an emergency in flight and how we might prevent and react to them. These topics include: engine failures, the startle effect, smoke and fire, and balloons and power lines