What is agent used inside fire extinguisher in the aviation ?

Halon gas is the aviation fire extinguisher agent leader , used for suppression fire in many aircraft components such as the engines, APU (auxiliary power units) , cargo compartments and you can find it even in the handheld fire extinguisher bottles through the cabin and the flight deck compartments, tell now the aviation industry can not find a replacement for the halon gas because the regulation insist on a very restricted characteristics, all the civil aircraft including Boeing, airbus are using the halon gas for the fire bottles as a suppression agent for fighting the abnormal fire situations , engines may suffer a nacelle fire so the halon gas must be submitted to extinguish such fire, halon gas is good for all types of fire.

Why " Hallon Gas" ?

  • Will not damage engine parts (no negative impact on the engine).
  • Very dry gas.
  • Non corrosive.
  • Not conductive.
  • Leave no residue.
  • So effective in small quantities (reliable and effective ).
  • Effective even in high altitudes .
  • compatible with wide range of material and equipment include : electronics - fluids - composites - metals

Types & Usage :

  • Hallon 1301 used for Engine - APU - cargo compartment - lavatory.
  • Hallon 1211 used for cabin - flight deck - accessible cargo compartment -crew rest compartment - handheld fire extinguisher .

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