Commercial Air Travel has changed since the CoronavirusPandemic. Here are some pointers that may help you to prepare your next long-haul journey.

Airplanes Are Cleaner Than Ever

You have probably seen videos showing how most airlines are making a huge effort in cleaning their planes, planes are probably the cleanest they have been since they were new. Airlines are removing contact points at each phase of the journey.

Airlines are removing contact points at each phase of the journey. Image United

Airlines such as Emirates are adding additional flight attendants, to clean the bathroom every 90 minutes.

Emirates Flight Attendant wearing PPE, mask, gloves, and face cover. Image Emirates

Social Distancing Doesn't Work in The Air?

Most airlines will argue that social distancing doesn't work in the air, or at least as it would on the ground. Most airlines are selling the entirety of the seats; shutting out center seats is exceptionally impeding to the main concern of a carrier, particularly in a difficult financial time like at this point.

Instead, you have to wear a mask to fly. Most airlines are enforcing this rule. No Mask, No Fly. Airlines or airports are now handing out hygiene kits containing gloves, a face mask, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Emirates Hygiene Kit

Bring your own food onboard

We have seen some noteworthy downgrades on the in-flight services, particularly in meals and beverages.

The new keyword for meals is "sealed and wrapped". The food now comes in pre-packaged snack bags or in a snack box.

On-board US Domestic flights, the First Class traveler will now get a snack box rather than a plate with a hot dish. Economy passengers are getting a bag with a bottle of water and a snack

United Airlines Domestic Economy Class Snack Bag Content

Forget about the champagne flutes, wine glasses or even coffee mugs. Beverages will be individual bottled water only – no alcohol offerings – across all cabins, with only plastic cups available and also no ice on offer.

For long haul flying, British Airways unveiled a host of changes to their onboard dining experience. In all classes, meals will no longer be served in individual courses; each passenger will instead receive a snack box consistent with their class of travel.

Only First Class will receive a hot meal; while Business, Premium Economy, and Economy will only receive a cold meal. Moreover, the meal box is the same in Premium Economy and Economy.

BA First Class Meal Box

BA Club World Meal Box

BA Economy Meal Box

Passengers are welcome to bring their own food and refreshments on-board to enjoy during their journey.

Flying is For Essential Journeys, Less Fun and More Sombre Now

On my recent flight, everyone was wearing a mask and sitting quietly away from others. It was a quiet, somber experience without the usual chatter and laughter. Everyone was trying to avoid contact with other passengers.

International Flying will require a lot of cumbersome research, frustrating paperwork, travel approvals, and even COVID tests. You may have to go into quarantine for 14 days on arrival, regardless of your test results, which all makes flying a far more serious consideration. You can’t just jump on a plane last minute like you could before. Flying is for essential travel, not for entertainment only any longer.