The above video contain brief about the two types of fire that may affect the aircraft turbofan engines, for pilots and engineers, Engine fire is an external one, also called a nacelle fire, but the tailpipe fire is an internal fire or core fire as the fire is developing within the combustion chamber or in the aft turbine race, the difference between the engine fire and the tailpipe fire is very important as to know how to extinguish them during engine run up procedures , they are totally different , their procedures to extinguish are totally different, as there is a different in location between them, also the fire bottles available for each engine are only for the engine fire, again, engine fire is an external fire or a nacelle fire, but the tailpipe fire is an internal fire or a core fire, this is applicable to all turbofan engines whatever the manufacturer , this is for all GE, pratt, V2500 , CFM, Trent, Rolls Royce , this video is an aviation training solution for the benefits of all pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers, technicians and mechanics as pilots and engineers may have panic during a fire events during engine running and they mistakenly distinguish this type of fire and may apply the wrong procedures and this is horrific, a tailpipe fire if not extinguished within minimum delay it may transfer to an engine fire.


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