We are group of aviation engineers and pilots came with clear idea to Collect experiences which hard to find in aviation manuals ,as we interest in promoting experiences as well as transferring knowledge and giving ... this blog is not a official manual but you can consider it as prescriptive posts and a collection of experiences.As a human beings we evolve through cumulative experience and knowledge, be part of this by sharing your professional knowledge and experience.

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Benefit From Writing Article in

  1. The Joy of Sharing : If you’ve had a unique aviation experience or overcome an enormous obstacle while you carrer journy, even if you know how to summurize the knowladge in simple easy way , sharing your knowledge could change the experiance of many people who face the same problem
  2. Exposure : building a proffissional readership. It’s tough but joyfull. Writing for will allow you to reach thousands of new readers and gain some visibility in the blogosphere, and exchange the opinion in specific aviation proffissional community.
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What we are looking for ?

we are looking for Collect experiences which hard to find in aviation manuals, interest in promoting experiences as well as transferring knowledge and giving ... Below the topics we feel it will be useful to aviation community
  1. Aviation General topics directed in the first place to the beginners and anybody love to read in the aviation field. of course, with consider add true value to the reader
  2. Aviation Business
  3. Aviation Safety
  4. Aviation Technology
  5. Aviation Engineering
  6. Aviation Regulation
  7. Aviation Carriers
  8. Management

guest post guidelines

We of course will not accept any guest post submission that doesn’t meet our quality standards or the guest post guidelines set forth here. and know that we genuinely welcome great guest post content. Our team has a significant digital footprint and content published on any of our family of websites attracts eyeballs and interest. We are hoping our reader to have great experiance and we welcome you to be a part of our community. If you have any questions after reading below guidelines, let us know!

  1. Article must be authentic and add true value to the reader.
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